Blank Plate Cover


Blank Plate Cover

from 12.00

Listing is for one (1) blank light switch plate.  

Simple and stylish. Our Cast Iron Light Switch Plates will compliment and offer a unique accent to any room in your home. Hand distressed. Finished with a clear coat. A very nice and sturdy piece.  

*Shown in Creamy White

- 5 1/4" height
- 3 5/8" wide

Why BLANK switch plates?

Blank switch plates are actually extremely useful. Often, during renovations or changes to a house or business, changes are made to the wiring and other utilities. People are constantly updating their homes which means that sometimes, fixtures that once existed are taken out. For example, perhaps your HVAC system once had a thermostat wired into the wall, but you upgraded to a different kind of system. There are lots of reasons you might have a "dead switch" or a hole where there used to be a device - but what do you do about it?

The ideal would be to remove the old device and patch the hole where it was. However, this is often impractical. Filling a hole attractively is beyond the handyman skills of many homeowners, and even when done properly it may leave a spot on the wall unless the paint is perfectly matched. You might also want to preserve the option of hooking up the switch or device again in the future, rather than walling over it. That's where blank switch plates come in.

Note: I prime, paint and distress each piece by hand. To give an appearance of worn and vintage style. Each piece therefore turns out uniquely original and different from one to another .

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